• 2021 Specialized S-Works Epic
  • 2021 Specialized S-Works Epic
  • 2021 Specialized S-Works Epic
  • 2021 Specialized S-Works Epic

The even more epic, 2021 Specialized Epic is completely redesigned to be even faster.

Epic is the fastest. Specialized Epic is the most winning full suspension cross country mountain bike. This obsession with speed and strong history has enabled Specialized to create the 2021 range at an even higher level.

Epic is designed to deliver an unmatched combination of pedalling efficiency, light weight and control.

Available at Bike Society.

New 2021 Specialized Epic Range

2021 Specialized Epic is the ultimate XC race machine. Now with a smarter, tougher, more responsive Brain shock and a stiffer, lighter frame, the new race-focused Epic cuts the time between starting line and victory even shorter.

New 2021 Specialized Epic EVO Range

The 2021 Specialized Epic EVO range is less race-focussed, for the rider that wants to enjoy the ride. When it comes to ripping up kilometres of dirt and railing endless single-track with ruthless efficiency, the Epic EVO with its purebred Epic speed, tuned suspension, increased travel and trail-tweaked geo is your crazy-fast riding partner.

Ready, set, shred.

The Specialized Epic team is a crazy-smart, singletrack-obsessed development team with virtually unlimited resources with the goal to make the fastest XC trail bike ever. Epic EVO starts with the Epic front end, an all-new rear end, swapped out brain for a custom-tuned metric shock, and tuned geo for technical terrain capability.


Relaxed yet fast geometry

The EVO’s 66.5-degree head angle and lower bottom bracket keep things calm when the trail turns technical. For pedaling efficiency, the seat angle is 3/4 of a degree steeper than its predecessor. If you want sharper handling and a bit more clearance, just rotate the FlipChip – angles get half a degree steeper and the bottom bracket comes up 6mm.

2021 Specialized Epic Evo MTB, Bike Society Adelaide & Brighton, South Australia
2021 Specialized Epic Evo MTB, Bike Society Adelaide & Brighton, South Australia

Epic EVO with Rx-tuned metric shock

To conquer rough trails as fast as humanly possible, the Epic EVO maintains ultra-efficient pedaling manners, but trades the Brain in favor of an Rx-tuned metric shock. A purpose-built link yields a 2.8:1 leverage ratio, and milks bump-devouring performance from its 110-mm rear travel. 120mm forks with custom Rx-tuned valving complete EVO’s balanced, trail-smart suspension.


Evolved Chassis for Trail Speed

The heart of the EVO chassis is the same wicked-light and super-stiff front triangle as the Epic. For stability, a purpose-built rear end was created. Control and trail performance is boosted by unifying the front and rear end with a stiff shock link optimized for the plush metric damper used on the EVO.

Brain Technology

Brain technology in the Epic fork and shock knows the difference between pedaling force and bump force so it keeps suspension efficiently firm on smooth terrain and automatically switches to active the instant things get rough, boosting control and speed.

The new Epic gets a fresh Brain shock, the most durable and control-enhancing that Specialized has ever made. Its completely redesigned to bring a firmer platform, more supple action in the rough stuff, and a smoother transition between modes.

It’s the most robust Brain ever. So robust, the service intervals on the air sleeve and damper are extended, and two years of annual Brain service is included on every new Epic sold to ensure each and every bike performs at a World Cup level.

Speed Focussed Frame

Two decades of obsessive refinement results in the new Epic frame, now lighter and stiffer than ever. The S-Works Epic FACT 12m carbon chassis shaves over 100 grams from its predecessor, employs a carbon link, and boasts a 15% increase in rear triangle stiffness. The FACT 11m frame found on the rest of the Epic range now matches the stiffness and weight of the previous S-Works chassis.

2021 Specialized Epic In XC Action

From race days to solo Sundays, the all-new Specialized Epic and Epic EVO are made fast, made to win and sure to bring that exhilarating and satisfying feel to your cross country rides.

Ride cross country mountain bike in Adelaide, South Australia, with the new Specialized Epic from Bike Society. The 2021 Specialized Epic is available to view in stores now.